Friday, November 7, 2014

Fall fun in pics

Noah's ark day at school 
Selfie of momma and Isaac 
Orchard with the Casey family 
Petting farm
One of our pretty trees
Morning time selfie with the loves of my life 
They loved carving pumpkins 
Trunk or treat at jackson naz

My farm

I love this kid
Soobins first time carving a pumpkin 
My baby girl.  Love her with all my heart 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

6 month comparison pic

My babies all at 6 months :)!!!

Isaac is half a year!

What a sweet boy we have!!  He's my little snuggle bug.  He weighs around 20 lbs and is about 28 in. Long already.  Time is flying by way too fast!  He loves solids already and he nurses on demand.  Some nights he sleep well and others not so much.  He's been in a pack n play next to my bed.  He has the softest skin. He loves to roll all over and is almost scooting.  He can sit unassisted for a few seconds.  Amelia and Isaac have a great bond already.  They just seem to get each other.  :) Colette is still jealous and just wants mommy all to herself.   Isaac Matthew Kelly you are loved soooo much!!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Colette turns 2!

My sweet baby girl is already 2...time is flying!  I wish there was a pause button sometimes.  Colette is a sweet, laid back gal most of the time.  She is newly potty trained, because she wanted to be, and I'm good with that ;).  She loves to play with her sister 'ia'. Her most favorite thing is hair and especially mommy's hair.  She has yet to sleep a full night in her own bed because she is so attached to momma.  I try to embrace this time with her but man oh man, this girl is clingy to me!  She likes to eat and snack and is not a picky eater.  She can count to 13, knows colors, shapes and letters.  She is hard to understand a lot of the times when she speaks but she has her own little cute language.  She is affectionate, laughable, smiley and fun.  She also gets jealous of mommy with Isaac or Amelia and if she gets pushed long enough she gets mad and will scream very loudly.  She loves digging in sand and gravel.  She is very picky about what shoes she wears.  Overall, she is compliant and just a happy little girl.  I love her so much and I pray that she'll grow up into a woman who seeks The Lord all of her days and lives her life completely for Him.  

Here are a few pics of her birthday party. We enjoyed the day at potter park zoo with some family and dinner at Bob Evans with our little family of 5 :).  God sure is good to us and we try to never forget what a privilege and blessing it is to have this sweet family.  

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Birth story of Isaac

Short version of birth story

I went in for my appointment with the midwife on Wednesday, March 5 at 10:45am.  She checked me and said I was 4-5 cm and 60% effaced!  Wow, I'm on my way I thought.  She said that she couldn't feel the head though and needed me to have an ultrasound done to check the baby's position.  My heart sank and I thought, great another breech baby!  I called my husband and texted a few other people and said, pray!  Sure enough baby was transverse!  This whole pregnancy I was told the baby was head down, so I never worried about position.  My doctor came in and told me to head directly to labor and delivery and that I needed to be monitored to see if I was in labor.  My husband met me at the hospital and we both cried.  I desperately wanted another vbac and had prayed for one the entire pregnancy.  After being monitored for an hour, the doctor came in and told me that I was contracting every 2-3 minutes.  He did another ultrasound and now the baby was footling breech, little stinker!  And I was 6 cm dilated.  I now was feeling more contractions and knew I was in labor.  Dr. P, brought another doctor in to give her opinion and both agreed my only option was a c-section.  No turning baby or vbac.  I decided to put aside my feelings and chose to be excited to meet our baby.  Our friend is a nurse practitioner at the hospital and he met my mom at the entrance to get our camera and bags.  I was prepped quickly and was in the operating in a half hour after talking with the doctor.  It was a whirlwind!  Dr. P. let Patrick announce the gender.  I asked if the baby was out because I didn't feel anymore tugging but I also didn't hear any baby cries.  The baby was out and over on a side table being checked out.  Patrick went over and brought the baby to me and said, it's a boy!  We laughed, cried and kept saying, it's a boy?? It's a boy!!!  My recovery right out of surgery was rough and painful.  It took them 2 hours to get my pain under control.  I wasn't Able to hold him or nurse him for awhile because of this.  

I might do another post of more details of the day :).  For now, here are some pics of the first few days of Isaac Matthew's life.  :)

Patrick prepped for the operating room. What a whirlwind!

My selfie lol, before surgery....eeeeek!

My amazing nurse Barb!  I squeezed her hand off during the surgery.  My sister in law Emileigh also had her for her delivery.  She's an angel!

It's a boy!!  I love the first moments with a newborn.  They're so warm and soft.  

A few hours after surgery.  Finally my pain was controlled and I was able to nurse my little man. 

Daddy with his second son.  What a privilege and honor to get a chance to have another son.  Makes me cry just thinking about it!

My baby boy. Xoxoxoxoxo
Biggest sister Amelia.  She's so happy to have "our" baby here.  Colette wouldn't get in the picture :(.

Getting ready to head home.  My heart is full!

My babies that I have here on earth.  I couldn't be happier!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

It's a.....



Isaac Matthew Kelly 

Born Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 2:49 pm

8 pounds 8 ounces 

21 inches 

Head 14 1/2

Birth story details coming soon.

I am on cloud 9!!!!  A boy, a chunky baby boy!!!  I'm in love!!!

I am loving my little family of 5!  We are thankful and humbled!